As we prepare for our adventure, there are a few things that would make our lives easier and we hope to have before we shove off.

Kindle White Paper

We both love books and plan to do a lot of reading on long passages. The Kindle White Paper will allow us to take lots of books in a very small space. We hope to each have one and download lots of our favorite books along with many new ones. (Update: JR got me one for my birthday this year and I LOVE IT! Now, we just need to get him one! I will l do a review on it at some point.)


Pelican Case for Macbook Pro


One thing we know about boating and cruising is that there is always water around and things get wet! Even if you do your best, at some point we have to plan for things to get really wet. We invested in a "new to us" Macbook Pro to help in our move to a mobile lifestyle but we know that electronics on sailboats must be protected. The Pelican Case is something we really want to invest in for all our major electronics, but especially the Macbook.


French Press to Replace Coffee Maker

JR loves his morning coffee but we know that a coffee maker is not a practical item while at sea, it just takes too much energy to run. It will be an interesting change for us and we hope to make it sooner rather than later so he can find what works best. This French press will entice him to use it because it's red, his favorite color. I choose it because it has no glass or plastic parts so it should handle rough seas. 

More to Come!