This list will be an ongoing accumulation of all the cool products we love and use. Updated 1/24/2017


As we have downsized, we have gotten extremely picky about products that we bring into our home. We know that everything must be useful and in most cases have multiple uses in order to make our final cut for items going on the boat.  Here are things that we really find useful or important in our everyday lives. We will give you a little explanation as to why we use them or love them. You can click on the image to get more details or order your own.

Microfiber Towels

We have tried many microfiber towels but these have turned out to be better than we expected. We ordered our favorite colors and have taken them on many dive trips. We plan to replace the other beach towels we own with these quick-drying absorbent towels.

Drycase Backpack