I wanted to pass along a great money saving tip I discovered. I have saved so much money using the HP Instant Ink service and they have offered me a special link to give my friends and family to allow both you and me to earn free ink! How awesome is that???? Ink can be one of the biggest expenses a family or a business can have.

About a year ago, I began looking at ways our family can save money and when I looked at our office expenses I found that ink was costing us as much as buying a new printer. I did a little research and found that HP had a new service where I could pay a monthly fee and spend far less for my ink. As a bonus, they would monitor my ink levels and then send me ink when it was getting low and before I ran out! How amazing is that!

How many times have you been printing something late in the evening and you run out of ink? The kids have a school paper to turn in first thing in the morning and the black ink is low! We have even had to run to a family member's house to print an assignment. With the HP Instant Ink service, that is all in the past. You will have ink when you need it and never run out. You can even have multiple printers on one account and track all your printing online from anywhere. 

See Your Savings

Earn Free Ink

I have been using the HP Instant Ink service for over a year now and it's saved us so much in ink costs! HP offers a cool opportunity for my friends and family to get a month of free service if you want to try the service. Just follow the link and both you and I will get a free month to try it. Once you have signed up through this link, HP will send you a link to earn free months for you and your friends. It's really a great deal! Even if you don't get free months, it's still so much cheaper than buying ink from the store and it's mailed to you before you even run out! I can't say enough good about this service. Hope you find it as helpful as we have!

How Does the Program Work?

Want to Find Out More? Watch HP's Video

To get the free ink program, make sure you sign up through my links

What If You Need a New Printer?

I know there are many printers on the market and you really have to look at what kind of printing you plan to do with the printer in order to choose the right one for you. Our family and small business both need printers that do a nice job on photos, can scan individual documents as well as a stack, and can make a few copies, as needed. We chose the HP Officejet Pro 6853 because it has all the qualities we were looking for in a printer without being too expensive.  If you are looking for a printer we highly recommend an HP Printer and we like ours just fine. You can follow the link to more information or order one just like ours. 


We also love our HP flatbed scanner and I will do a future post on how we are preserving our memories with that scanner, so subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when our posts go up!

Get Signed Up and Start Saving!

In the meantime, get signed up for the HP Instant Ink service and start saving on all your printing needs! Remember with this link you will get to try the first month for free so you have nothing to loose!



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