Our Essential Oils Journey

Our family has had many years of ups and downs with lots of medical issues.  I have suffered from thyroid problems for over 20 years, JR has developed allergies and many aches and pains over the years and our daughter has had over 2 years of unexplained pain and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at age 14.  We have been to doctor after doctor to try to figure out how best to treat all of us. We have been called crazy (not in a good way), we have been told we were imagining things or that we were making things up. We accumulated bags of medicines that just never worked or had tons of side effects. Finally, when we had had enough and knew we were going to have to take things into our own hands, we started looking for natural approaches to help manage our conditions. read more

Don’t Feed the Eels – Our 1st Video

For years we have taken photos and videos on all our adventures diving and traveling, most of them get saved on a hard drive and very seldom get looked at again. A recent trip to St. Croix brought us face to face with an eel that had previously been fed by local divers and we had our cameras rolling during a very uncomfortable encounter. This was my catalyst to get learning on how to edit videos and the result is our first video to share on our site.  I know it is not perfect and I have a long way to go, but for my 1st attempt, I am pretty happy. I look forward to sharing more videos here as I get them completed. Hope you enjoy! read more

How to Earn Free Printer Ink

I wanted to pass along a great money saving tip I discovered. I have saved so much money using the HP Instant Ink service and they have offered me a special link to give my friends and family to allow both you and me to earn free ink! How awesome is that???? Ink can be one of the biggest expenses a family or a business can have. read more