If you are here for the 1st time, welcome to our little slice of the web! We hope you enjoy our journey and look forward to taking you with us as we explore and blog about this crazy adventure we call life! Meet the Crew

We are first and foremost, best friends and partners in this life and both of us feel lucky to have found each other. We are also parents to 3 amazing kids. Our boys are grown and out leading successful lives with family and friends and we are so proud of all they have accomplished and will accomplish.

Our daughter is still in high school and preparing for her own new journey in the very near future! We are excited to watch her grow into a successful young woman and are also so proud of how much she has overcome to follow her passions. 

Our daughter is still in high school so we won't be making any big moves at least until she is off to college and settled in her path.  With all the downsizing to do and preparations to make at work and home, it actually isn't as long as it seems and we will probably need every minute of it to get this all done. Besides, right now if an opportunity came up to buy a boat or move to a tropical island, we are not at all ready! The house needs work and possessions need to be downsized before we could even think about taking off. 

For those who know us through our work, yes, change is coming to the business side of things too but a change was inevitable as it always is. We know you will have questions but at this point, we really don't have any answers about exactly how the future will look. When we know something, we will definitely let you in on it because we want you there for our journey.  We have had to make big changes in the past for shifts in the business and economy and the future is no different.  We have both been at our jobs for over 30 years and love the people we get to work with and lives we have changed along the way. We look forward to taking you along to see how we mold and adapt our careers to the changes in our lives that are coming! It's going to be an exciting journey (at least we hope it is) and we can't wait to share it as we go.

Every day is an adventure and being ready for the changes as they come along is one of my goals.

We consider ourselves partners in pretty much all we do and unlike most couples, we actually enjoy working together and feel like we do it quite well.  I'll do a future post to give you some insight into how we make it work! If someone asked us today who would be the Captain of the ship, it would be a tough answer because we both would willing and able to fulfill the job we just have different strengths and weaknesses and we try to use those to complement each other. If you asked me the question on a crew manifest, I would probably say put JR down as the Captain and if you asked him, he would probably say to put me down as Captain. We are funny like that! 

Since I am writing most of these posts, I will say JR is not only the Captain, he is "the man" when it comes to anything mechanical, solar powered, electrical, masonry, stone, wood and overall construction. If it needs to be built, made, designed or repaired, he can do it. After 30 years running his own masonry company, he started assisting me with our family scuba business and now I couldn't run things without him. He has become an outstanding teacher and mentor to so many of our scuba students. He has a love for people and loves making everything we do an exciting adventure.

A few years ago he also decided that he wanted to go to college, something he never got the opportunity to do growing up, so we filled out the papers and got him enrolled in a 2-year program studying alternative energy (solar, wind and geothermal).  Not only was he interested in these areas, he thought it would be a great experience to help us on in our live-aboard lifestyle one day.  I have been so proud of how he has handled working two jobs and being a great dad, husband, and student! He maintained a 4.0 GPA and was on The Dean's list every semester.

We are definitely a couple who's strengths and weaknesses complement each other. In many ways, we are so much alike and in others, we are very different.  I am the family organizer, bookkeeper, blogger, computer tech, and writer. If it has to do with the paperwork, website development or being prepared for an adventure, that's my zone.  Although it seems very old-fashioned I pretty much am the one who does the inside jobs at the house and he takes care of the outside.  I use to think I would never want to end up doing "woman's" work but most of the time it's just the best way to make sure it all gets done.

Meet the Crew - JR and Tina

For travel, I am the one who gets us all packed and organized and he makes sure we get where we need to be when we need to be there.  Need to know where something is in our camper or house, come get me. Want to know how something works or how to put something together, get JR.  Don't get me wrong, I love to get my hands dirty and use the power tools, and he is not too much of a man to do the dishes but for the most part, we divide things by our strengths and weaknesses and I am sure that our future life aboard the boat, we expect, will be no different.

Most of the info in the blog will be written from my perspective with a lot of his input. Maybe as things go along, we can get him to chime in with some wisdom and insight of his own. We are also trying our hands at doing some videos so you will see a mixed media of presentations here on the website.

We are happy you are here in our little corner of the internet and we hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!

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