I have wanted to do this blog for a very long time, but I have had a really big mental block to get past. I am traditionally a very private person and when you put a blog about your life and family on the internet, you are putting it all out there for the world to see. It all kind of creeps me out!I want to work from Here Every Day!

It’s taken me a lot to get to this point. I hope I can give enough of myself and my family to make the blog interesting for my readers without pouring out too much information that I get that weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

The other reason I have been reluctant to put myself out there for the world is that I have read all the hate mail that many wonderful bloggers get when people do not agree or even like their posts. It saddens me that people are so hateful and mean. I have finally decided to take inspiration from many of the bloggers and Youtubers that I admire and risk it and share our story and other thoughts with the universe. My hope is that if you do not like my content, you just won’t read it and will move on to other interests. I would love to have a place that everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts without fear of damnation from fellow human beings. From the experiences of other bloggers, I have learned many tips and tricks and will definitely be using them on my blog.

I read lots of wonderful blogs on the web that have inspired me and encouraged me. I know if these wonderful men and women can put it out there and tell their stories, surely I can do it too. I know there will be moments of regret but I am confident that the triumphant moments will out-way all the regrets. I have always been a writer at heart and when I look back at things I wanted to do with my life when I was young, writing was definitely one of them. Friends and family told we they enjoyed my writing but also told me it’s a terrible job to get into because it doesn’t pay well. My how times have changed! To be a writer back in my college days you had to either plan to write for a newspaper or magazine or become an author. Now with the internet and blogging, anyone can follow their passion and write.

There have also been many other inspirations in my many years on this earth and I hope to point them out as we move through this journey.

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